Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Travis Anderson


(Originally Posted on March 9, 2019)

So recently I revealed the cover art for my upcoming book. That art was done by Travis Anderson, an artist who's worked on many projects, including the Dragobourne TCG, SYFY's Deadly Class,  and the VR title Gadgeteer, which you can grab here on Steam.  He's also the lead artist at indie board game studio Tabula, creators of the card game Volfyirion.

I chose Travis due to his stunning and strange art, which blends the fantastical, alien and dreamlike into something truly unique. Because of the eclectic gene mix I was looking for, I felt he was the perfect artist to bring Argos to life for the cover for City of Tombs.

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite works of his (including the cover for Warglaive!). For more of Travis' awesome art, check out his artstation here.



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