Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Year Ends and Ry'leh Draws Near, Curl Up by the Fire and Have a Beer

So...yeah. An update, and I really didn't know what to title it, so there.

Earlier this year I mentioned I was working on 2 books, one an epic flintlock fantasy and the other a sword-and-planet inspired swashbuckling adventure. The former is a big (and I mean BIG) project, and I'm about halfway done with it as of now. As far as that goes, slow and steady wins the race. Expect an update on that next year.

As for the latter, I finished it. Final draft and everything. However, after discussing some of the final details with some beta readers, I've decided that I'm trunking the novel. While I don't think it's a bad novel, it's also not great. It just kind of missed that Krabby Patty Secret Formula, and while Chris Fox is absolutely right about "young novels," I also want to launch with my best foot forward. And faced with doing yet another rewrite of this book or starting from scratch, I decided it would be best to start from scratch.

Because I have a REALLY BAD HABIT of talking about projects while they're WIP, here's a New Years' resolution for all 'yall. NOT A PEEP UNTIL THIS SH*T'S DONE. All I'll say is, if you like the idea of that sort of old 1800s-Sci-Fi-turned-Fantasy concept, my current treatment's got some of that fun stuff.

Wait, was that a peep? Whatever, It's not New Years' yet, so it doesn't count.

There's also something else I'm working on that, due to a self-imposed NDA, I can't say anything about. But it's gonna be big. And I have super high hopes for it.

Anyway, have a very merry Christmas, and don't drink too much nog. Because the nog is mine. All of it. Every last drop.

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